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Wireless internet service is availble right on your laptop computer from thousands of locations worldwide. Find out more about wireless internet providers here.

Wireless Internet Service
If you're always on the move, chances are you would really appreciate a wireless internet connection for your laptop computer. The solution is wi-fi hotspots. This allow you to access the net from your notebook computer with a high speed connection from places like the airport, a hotel, coffee shop or book store. Speeds are generally very fast with a wifi hotspot, so high-speed surfing is not a problem. Some places provide access to their connection for free and others charge for it. However, there are providers that allow access to many hotspots worldwide for a low monthly fee.

Wireless Internet Service Provider

Boingo Wireless
This company claims to be the best value in wi-fi, and it is hard to argue when you look at all they offer. Joing Boingo Unlimited for just $21.95 per month and you have unlimited access to thousands of hotspots across North America. Travel worldwide? Then go for Boingo Global and their network of over 100,000 hot spots across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America. In fact, they are the world's largest network of wifi hotspots. They are available in 400+ airports, thousands of hotels, cafes, gas stations, offices, bars, schools, train stations, bookstores, truck stops, marinas, etc. In addition to fast speeds, these plans are nice because for a low flat rate you get unlimited access with no roaming charges, per-minute fees, or contracts to worry about. Sign up for Boingo Unlimited today and check out their second month free offer.
Boingo Wireless Internet
FON promises free WiFi anywhere. In fact, they promise to be free forever, with no ongoing fees. If it sounds too good to be true, it actually is quite simple and makes a lot of sense. It is a WiFi sharing community (the largest), and by sharing your home connection you gain free access to thousands of worldwide FON spots. All you need to do to get started is to buy a FON WiFi router, which are reasonably priced and very easy to setup and install. It lets you connect all your wireless devices to your broadband connection. It also provides a safe way to access FON hotspots around the world as well securely sharing your Internet connection with other users.

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Wireless Internet Providers
You can't take your DSL or cable broadband connection with you when you travel, and if you are used to high speed connections, dialup access on your laptop computer won't satisfy. The solution is to find a wireless broadband service, such as a wifi hotspot aggregator that makes available thousands of hot spots worldwide. This way you can have the option of connecting fast when you are travelling on business, for vacations or are just on the road locally, from places like airports, hotels, retail shops and cafes.

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