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Cheap Satellite Internet
People choose satellite and other broadband services because they provide fast, high speed connections, not because they are cheap. Satellite internet connections are naturally more expensive than other choices, because satellites are so expensive to build and launch. Despite this, relatively cheap Satellite internet is possible because we gather and list available discount offers and promotions.

Satellite Internet Service Providers

Hughes Satellite Internet
HughesNet high speed internet access is the leading Satellite internet solution for home and business. You get a high speed broadband connection that is many times faster than dialup, 5 email accounts, free spam and virus filtering and 24/7 live technical support included. Their new DW7000 satellites offer even higher performance. Sign up now and get up to $150 cash back, a free wireless router, free mp3s, videos and photos. Prices start at $79.99 per month plus installation and equipment, and there is a special promotion for $0 up-front.
Hughes Satellite Internet
For high-speed access to your home or small office, consider WildBlue Satellite Internet. You can oder it online at very affordable prices. It actually starts at just $49.95 a month, and there are special offers such as free installation and your first month free. On top of that there are even more bonuses to subscribing to Wild Blue over the Web, since you can get a free wireless router and $100 cash back. Download speeds are up to 1.5Mbps, which is 30 times as fast as dialup. It is available just about everywhere in the continental United States, so it is an especially terrific option when other broadband services such as DSL are not available in your area.
WildBlue Satellite Internet

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High Speed Internet Service
Satellite internet access, such as Hughes' HughesNet service, is one option for high speed connections. Other broadband services, such as DSL and cable, are also an option when they are available at your location. Dialup remains the best solution when you need mobile connections you can use on vacation and travelling, and it is still the cheapest choice available.

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