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Satellite internet access is one option for high speed internet service. Other broadband internet options are cableand DSL. Read below for background info or jump ahead and satellite Internet providers.

Satellite Internet ServiceFor most people, dialup internet service is just too slow. Especially these days with high graphic content sites, streaming video, music downloads, etc., you really need high speed internet access through a broadband connection.

The main options for broadband connections are cable and DSL internet, and the problem for some people is that neither of them are available at their location. The solution is high speed satellite internet access. Since this provides connections through a dish to satellites high in the sky, providers like HughesNet can offer service to almost everyone in the contiguoius United States.

Benefits of satellite internet service are the same as those of other high speed broadband technologies like cable and DSL. For example, it is much faster than dialup, so you can surf much faster, download large files quickly, enjoy streaming audio and video, and enjoy the latest multimedia web sites. It does not use your phone line, so there are no missed calls, no need for an extra line and no need to dial in.

Although it is a lot faster than dial up, satellite internet is not as fast compared to DSL and cable. Although most people won't notice much difference during typical usage, when downloading a large file people will often be able to see it takes longer. The latency of the connection is also slower, which becomes a problem if you play high speed multiplayer games online, such as first person shooters. The longer latency will result in observable lag, putting players at a disadvantage compared to competitors on cable or DSL.

Satellite internet tends to be more expensive than dialup, cable or DSL. The monthly fees are on average just a little more than DSL and cable, but the difference is there can be a large installation and equipment charge to start. While this may be well worth it if Satellite is the only high speed option available, it may not be price competitive with the best cable or DSL offers if those are an option.

Some providers offer cash back rebates, which can really help cover those setup fees. Some also offer options where you have much lower installtion and equipment charges at the cost of higher monthly fees. This may be a good option when you can't afford the setup charge and you still need a high speed connection.

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