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Find an ISP - Choosing an Internet Service Provider

Choosing an internet service provider can be difficult. The first decision you need to make is whether you go with a dialup ISP or a broadband ISP such as a DSL provider, satellite or cable internet service.

The main reason many people go with a dialup internet service is the low cost. If you are constrained by a tight budget, dial up internet service is usually your best choice. It is also a good choice if you travel frequently and need internet access when you are away from home. Learn how to choose a dialup internet service.

If you can afford to pay more for internet service, many people go with a broadband connection because of the high speed internet access and "always-on" connections. Once you get used to the high speed access of a broadband connection and the convenience of never needing to connect, it is hard to go back to a dialup ISP. Broadband service is also nice because it doesn't tie up your phone line like with dial up.

When it comes to a broadband connection, the main choices are DSL or cable internet. DSL is a high speed internet service that runs over your phone line (without interfering with normal phone operation), while cable internet is high speed access that runs over TV cables (without interfering with, or requiring, cable TV service.) Different cable internet or DSL providers can be faster or slower, cost more or less, and each offer different services, but overall, neither is inherently superior than the other. The choice you go with is bound to be determined by the costs and features of the services available in your area.

Learn more with our complementary guide on how to choose an internet service provider. If you are interested in DSL, learn how to choose a DSL provider. Alternatively, learn how to choose a cable internet service. Another option for broadband internet connections is satellite internet. This option is usually the choice when you cannot get cable or DSL to your location.

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