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If you are interested in DSL internet service, you probably value high speed internet access. When it comes to high speed broadband internet access, you generally have the choice between DSL providers, satellite internet and cable internet services. Read this page to learn background information and when you're ready visit our page to compare DSL Internet companies.

DSL Internet ProvidersThere are two components to internet speed, bandwidth and latency, and these can be something to keep in mind when choosing DSL internet access. Read our article on How to Choose Cable for detailed explanations of bandwidth and latency. In summary, bandwidth is the maximum sustained rate at which data can be downloaded, and high bandwidth is important if you download large files, movies, music, TV clip, or if you stream audio or video. Latency is basically the delay in processing requests, such as the lag between clicking on a link and when the page begins to download. Latency if of supreme importance if you do a lot of internet browsing.

For DSL internet and cable internet, you can usually find the maximum bandwidth offered. Sometimes with DSL providers there are different plans, offering higher bandwidth for higher prices. Even the lowest priced plan is usually many times faster than a dialup connection, so for many people the budget plan is the best choice for DSL access.

However, it should be noted that the actual bandwidth you see with DSL internet connections can vary due to your distance from the phone company central office terminating your connection, the load at the ISP and other factors, just as cable and dialup speeds vary from the maximums.

Likewise, the other component of internet speed, latency, can vary from hour to hour and day to day on the same DSL internet service. DSL providers and other ISPs do not typically give any latency data, making it hard to compare internet service providers based on latency. Fortunately, most DSL services provide low latency on a consistent basis, so you generally do not even have to worry about it.

When you are looking for DSL internet access, you may find that your local telephone company is your only choice for DSL internet access. For example, if you are in an area where SBC is your local phone company, SBC DSL may be your only choice for DSL internet access. Likewise if Verizon is your local phone service, Verizon DSL is likely your only choice for DSL internet. However, in addition to your local telephone company, you should also check into Earthlink DSL.

Of course, instead if DSL, you can choose to get broadband internet accesss from your cable company instead using cable internet accees.

I hope that this article was able to help you choose a DSL internet provider. Now, see our DSL provider comparison page or see our home page for discount ISP information.

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