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Search for dial up internet access service providers for cheap internet service. Compare discount dialup ISP services including NetZero, PeoplePC Online and Juno. Also compare dial up internet access service providers to DSL and cable internet providers.

Cheap Dial Up Internet Access Service
Dial up internet access is still incredibly popular, because it is generally much cheaper than broadband services such as DSL and cable internet. Although DSL and cable services offer great introductory pricing, the regular month to month price is generally a lot higher than you can get with dialup internet. Dialup is also nice because it can be used when you travel.

Dial Up Internet Access - Compare Dialup Internet Service

NetZero Internet
NetZero Platinum is just $9.95 and NetZero HiSpeed (with a high speed Internet accelerator) is just $14.95. With NetZero Platinum nationwide dialup internet service, you get reliable connections, unlimited internet access, 250MB of email storage. Expand to NetZero HiSpeed for the fastest dial-up surfing you can get, NetZero Instant On, spam and email virus protection, pop-up blocker and more. Tech support is $1.95 per minute. Try Net Zero now. There's no annual commitment and no credit card needed.
NetZero Internet
PeoplePC Online
PeoplePC Online comes with features like virus protection, Internet call waiting alert, popup blocker, spam controls, thousands of access numbers and more. Right now they are offering free accelerator technology for 12 months, plus 3 months at half price. So you can get PeoplePC Online Accelerated for just $5.47 per month for 3 months, then only $10.95 per month. An alternative offer that is another terrific option is their 30-Day free trial offer. With PeoplePC Online dialup internet access, 24/7 technical support is available over the phone for $1.95 per minute. Join People PC Online today – no credit card is required.
PeoplePC Online
Juno Internet
Juno just may be the cheapest choice available for internet from a major povider. Join Juno Platinum today, and get unlimited dial up internet access for just $6.95 per month for your first 12 months, and only $9.95 per month thereafter. Or join Juno SpeedBand for just $9.95 for the first 12 months and $14.95 per month thereafter. With Juno SpeedBand, you get unlimited dialup internet service, plus 5x faster web surfing, 1GB of email storage, spam and email virus protection, pop-up blocker and more.
Juno Dial Up Internet

If you are looking for free Internet access, there are not that many choices left, but we maintain a service provider page for free dial up internet access.

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Cheap Dial Up Internet Service
Get cheap dialup internet by using the links above. Whether you want cheap dial up service or are looking for specific features in our dialup provider, our comparison can help. Compare dial up providers like Att SBC Yahoo, NetZero, Juno and PeoplePC Online. For info on broadband internet services like DSL and cable, just browse through the rest of

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