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Cancel Dialup Internet Service

This page offers ISP cancellation instructions, so that you can find out how to cancel your Internet service. Most ISPs charge on a subscription basis, so you keep getting charged every month until you cancel. If you want to cancel AOL, Earthlink, Juno, NetZero or People PC accounts, the instructions offered here will help you with dialup Internet account cancellation.

Cancel AOL, NetZero, Juno, People PC, Earthlink Accounts

If you're unhappy with your current dial up provider and want to switch to another ISP, you want to move on to a different type of service, such as DSL or Cable, or for other reasons, you'll need to cancel your Internet service. Once you no longer need their services, you need to cancel with the company to keep from being billed.

Sometimes ISPs aren't very helpful when you want to cancel your Internet service. It's understandable that they don't want people to cancel, but making cancellation difficult or hiding the instructions isn't a way to retain customers and build a loyal following. Instead, it can simply make people angry and frustrated that it was so much work to cance.

Our step by step cancellation instructions are most helpful for those ISP providers that make it difficult. Although most top ISPs don't make it that hard, it can still be useful to see how to cancel the account with our info.

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