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Cancel AOL Account Membership

Use the instructions and phone number on this page to cancel AOL account membership. Whether you are a long time America Online subscriber, or you just got started with a free trial, you can cancel AOL service subscriptions by following these steps.

Cancel AOL Service Subscription

  1. If you are switching to another Internet service provider, it is recommended that you sign up with your new provider before cancelling your current account. You probably don't want to go a period without any internet access, and you can use the Internet to sign up for the new provider. Likewise, you can use the net to research new providers, such as our pages on selecting a DSL provider, dialup ISP or cable internet service.
  2. Once you're ready for cancellation you can call America Online at 1-888-265-8008. This is a toll-free call. Keep in mind that the service representative you talk to is likely to persuade you to stay with AOL and may offer you incentives such as free service. If you are persistent, they will comply with the account cancellation.
  3. You may want to cancel AOL online, but this is not available. You can go to America Online Keyword "Cancel" and get other options such as cancelling via FAX or snail mail.

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Besides for ISP cancellation instructions, at you can find info on signing up for an internet access provider, including comparisons of cable internet, DSL and dialup services.

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