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Cancel NetZero Account

Find out how to cancel a NetZero account with this web page. We provide the steps needed to cancel NetZero service, when you want to switch to another Internet provider.

Cancel NetZero Service

  1. Before you cancel Net Zero, make sure you are ready. If you're switching to another ISP, this means you'll want to subscribe to the new Internet provider before you cancel. This way you won't be left without access, and you can sign up with the new Internet service online. For ISPs you may be interested in, browse these pages of dial up, DSL, and cable internet.
  2. Call the Net Zero billing department at 1-800-851-7908 for account cancellation. For membership verification, you'll need to provide your Member ID and either your NetZero account number or the last 4 digits of the credit card you use to pay for Internet service in order for your subscription to be cancelled.

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