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Cancel Juno Account

To cancel a Juno account, follow the instructions and tips provided here. If you want to cancel Juno Internet service, or if you are looking to compare DSL providers, dial up ISPs or cable Internet services, can help.

Cancel Juno Internet Service Account

  1. Most people cancelling Internet service are not quitting the Internet, they are just quitting their provider. With that in mind, it is often best to sign up with a new ISP before you cancel your current provider. That way there is no time where you are stuck without internet access. It also allows you to compare ISPs and sign up online, as you can do with our listings of cable internet services, DSL providers and dialup internet access services.
  2. In preparation for cancellation, get your Juno email address and credit card number ready, as these will be needed for verification purposes.
  3. For cancellation, call the toll-free billing support number, which is 1-888-811-5866.

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