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Speed Up Your Computer and Internet Access

Although your computer may start out running really fast, over time you may find it runs slower and slower. Perhaps it takes longer to start up, it is slow when running email, Internet access isn't very fast or programs take a long time to load. Speeding up your computer can be possible with a few simple tweaks and easy maintenance tasks. Best of all, most of these tricks are completely free.

Speed Up Windows XP Computers and Internet Access

  • Speed Up Windows XP - Tips to speed up Windows XP and unleash the power in your PC. By disabling some of the bells and whistles of Windows XP, which you may not even be using, you can makes things run faster.
  • Speed Up Startup - Does it take your computer a long time to start? By cleaning up your statup items, you can dramatically decrease the time it takes your PC to restart.
  • Speed Up Outlook Express - Make Outlook Express and your whole computer run faster by cleaning out your email inbox.
  • How to Defrag Hard Drives - Make your computer perform faster by defragmenting your hard drives. By defragging your computer, it can make it quicker to access programs and data files.
  • Google Web Accelerator - Accelerate your Internet access with the Google Web Accelerator. Unlike most Internet accelerators, which are designed to speed up dialup connections, this free program is meant to speed up broadband connections including cable Internet and DSL service.

Everyone prefers a fast computer and fast Internet access. There are many things that are free, simple and easy that can help improve the speed of your Windows computer, shrink the startup time, and accelerate your Internet service. Just read the articles above for tips, advice, and suggestions on improving the performance of your PC without paying anything.

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