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Speed Up Internet Access with Google Web Accelerator

Ever been frustrated at the amount of time it takes for web pages to be displayed even though you're using Broadband? Most of us have. Even though current surfing times are a far cry from the comparative age it took using a standard dial up connection, as things have got quicker we demand more. The Google Web Accelerator could help.

The Google Accelerator is installed on your computer and reroutes all of your Internet activity, apart from access of secure pages, through the Google servers. This potentially cuts down your surfing time by some considerable way.

As a rather nice touch, the Google Accelerator includes a little speedometer that is displayed in your browser toolbar. This gauge shows how much total time the Accelerator has saved you since installation or since you last reset the dial.

It genuinely seems to work well with most pages through a DSL connection being loaded anywhere from 0.5 to 3 seconds quicker. Multiply this by the number of pages you visit in an hourly session and there is genuinely a reasonable time saving you could make.

The only real issue so far has been the question of security and privacy. In Google's defense they take no more data than your current ISP probably takes. When you attempt to open an unencrypted page, certain personal information is forwarded to the Google servers and stored for use in opening frequently used and recently visited pages.

To check the security details or to download and start using Accelerator visit the website.

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