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Use this site to find low cost ISP providers. Compare cheap Internet service providers including high speed DSL, dial up ISP and cable internet services. We help you find a cheap ISP and decide which is best for you: DSL service, dial up access, cable or satellite ISP.

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Low Cost Dial Up ISP Internet
If you're looking for cheap internet service, a dial up ISP is probably your best choice. This is because dial up access tends to be the cheaper than broadband services such as DSL or cable Internet. Plus, many dialup ISPs offer local connections nationwide. Compare ISPs like NetZero, Earthlink, Juno and PeoplePC Online.
Dial Up ISP

Cheap DSL Service Providers
Many people go with broadband services like DSL Internet because it is so much faster than dialup access. However, it is also generally more expensive, so browse our DSL provider listings to find discounts & deals. See promotions on digital subscriber line from Verizon, AT&T Yahoo, Qwest, BellSouth and Earth Link.
DSL Service Providers

Discount Cable Internet Service
Although there are many cable companies that offer cable Internet access, most locations only have one company available in the area. However, you can still save by getting the best deal from your cable provider with our discount cable ISP offers. Browse special offers from cable companies like Comcast, Cox, Charter, Adelphia, and Time Warner Cable.
Cable Internet

Satellite Internet Service
A high speed Internet alternative to cable and DSL is satellite Internet. Satellite is often not as fast and costs more than other broad band solutions, so it is usually the best option only when cable and DSL are not available. Compare Hughes and WildBlue specials.
Satellite Internet Access

Wireless Internet Access
Get high speed connections from thousands of wifi hot spots around the world (including airports, hotels, restaurants, book stores, coffee houses and cafes) using a wireless hot spot aggregator such as Boingo Wireless.
Wireless Internet

VOIP Phone Services
When you have a broadband connection, you can save with discount or free VOIP phone plans. Voice Over IP means your calls get routed over the Net, which is why they are so cheap. With free phone call companies like Skype, you make voice calls from your computer to other people at their computers. However, it is so convenient, natural and easy to use with the top VOIP phone companies like Vonage, Packet8, Verizon and ViaTalk, because they allow you to use your regular telephone.
VOIP Providers

Free Internet Access
There used to be many free internet service providers to choose from. Now free internet access is really limited, but it is still an available option for those that don't want to pay, or can't pay, for an ISP.
Free Internet Access

Low Cost ISP Providers
A low cost ISP doesn't mean poor service and the cheapest deal isn't necessarily the best value. Our listings include quality ISPs and information to help you assess which one is the best value for your needs. We also include links and information to help you get discount deals for top name ISPs.

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Most of the dial up services we list provide nationwide access, so there is a local dialup connection number in most local areas. For high speed access, cable and DSL providers often have more limited coverage area, but typically people will have one company of each type to choose from in their local area. Satellite is the other high speed option, and this may be the only choice for rural customers that cannot get internet access from the DSL or cable company.

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